Yoga and Acupuncture combined in a workshop

I feel really grateful that I met Lena grace, a wonderful yoga teacher. She used to come for acupuncture treatment, we met in this way and we connected. Together we decided to create something beautiful that resonates with us, and with the world in general :


So, we met once, twice and again and again to discuss on how we could do it. In this way, whilst we were enjoying our warming hot chocolates in the local pub, we created these new idea YOGA ACUPUNCTURE WORKSHOPS. Just because Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Acupuncture comes from different background, but actually they have so much in common : they are ANCIENT, they are INTUNE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT, they FOCUS on The body ULTIMATE HEALTH, and in general in MIND AND BODY WELLBEING, they are HOLISTIC, they are LINK TO ELEMENTS, they understand SEASON AND ADAPTABILITY TO THE SEASON,….and more… difficult to explain it all in one article…

Therefore the workshop we do together aims not only to feel good and nourished after a session of yoga followed by acupuncture, but also to understand more about these ancient practices and wisdom that we try to transfer to you.

This is why we thought that doing seasonal workshop, with seasonal tips and gifts would be the best.. for a start!