— With food — Why the Liver?

Because today is AT LAST THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!!!!! Officially! And SPRING = Wood Element = Liver!

There are multiple ways of nourishing one’s organ. The best way to nourish ones liver are; expressing creativity, strolling through the woods, wearing green clothes, expressing and releasing emotions, doing some detoxification, QI-gong, martial arts etc

However this article will cover the way you can nourish your Liver using nutrition. I tried to make it as simle as I could since I have always hated reading long, boring articles on nutrition. However if you find that a point is missing, or needs a deeper explanation, please let me know.

A healthy Liver will bring you a determined energy, however, you will remain easy-going (so don’t worry, you won’t suddenly turn into an assertive merciless rocket). You will embody a strong, optimistic and positive YES attitude toward life. With a straight forward approach, embodying your new ideas, you’ll accomplish your task. With a strong Liver energy you will happily live your life with strengh and creativity. You will also be good at problem solving. The Liver gives you the courage to look forward when well balanced. The diet is extremely important to balance the liver.

For the Liver, the main activity is to cleanse. Sour food especially, will increase the Gall Bladder (yang organ paired with Liver in the Wood Element) and activate the function of releasing the bile and therefore help the break down and digestion of food (especially fat).

As a basic rule, eat more: Dark green vegetables (Lettuce Brocolis, Green peas, Artichokes, Avocados, Kale, Watercress, …) and Sour tastes (apple cider vinegar, lemon,…)

Avoid: Processed food, fat, overeating which will weaken the Liver.

Moreover, one of the common Liver disorder in Chinese Medecine is Blood deficiency/stagnation. Thus all food nourishing the Blood will benefit the Liver. “The Liver stores the Blood” is an another main function of the Liver. The Liver is often affected by the Liver Blood deficiency attern. Which is caracterised by:

Liver Blood Deficiency signs/symptoms:

-Vual disturbance (The Liver open into the eyes)

-Dizziness (Blood/ nutrients defficiency)

-Weakness in the muscles and joints (the Liver control the sinews

-Weak nails (Blood deficiency)

-Light or absent of mentruation (Blood deficiency, the Liver meridians goes through the genitals).

If you have at least 3/4 of these signs/symtoms you could think about eating the following Liver Blood-deficiency tonic” foods which are particularly useful for this conditions:


– Seaweeds

-Alfalfa                            (All of  these types of food are represented in this                                           article’s main picture.)


-Dandelion root

-Artichoke leaf

  • Blood deficiency can appear also as a Heat-Blood deficiency pattern. The formation of Blood is complex. That is why I will considered later a whole article for this subject.

To Nourish your Liver : Go for a stroll in the Wood! Or start a new activity!

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