Traditional Chinese Medicine as a base of Inspiration for a connected Lifestyle!

The Liver is the Yin organ of the Wood Element, related to the Spring. Moreover, the Liver regulates , coordinates and is responsiblebfor the smoothing of the flow of Qi.

Although finding inspiration is not always easy, take one, two or three deep breaths, open the different gateways of your energy  body, unlock the doors which are closed and enjoy the amazing connection between the 3  treasures : your kidneys and your Spirit, your  feet and your head, the earth and the heaven.

If this connection is not felt, it is because the vital energy is blocked somewhere (generally in the joints). Because somehow you have damaged this free flow of energy, your mind is foggy and your body is aching or heavy. Just move!  Just sing! Just  jump !Just breath !  Just think about something very stupid and just swear if you wish !  Let go , softenig the knots and strengthening the awareness of the ties between  YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY, your spirit and your kidney from your head to your feet and even more… Shake your body and undo these knots to find the energy between the earth and the heaven. You also can try to put your shoulders down, to stay calm and still, to visualize the different knots in different parts of your body and undo them with your mind… You ‘ll be surprised how powerfull your mind is.

This free flow will enable you to express the deep energy of yourself by any way that suits you and allow changes in your life by a sheer understanding of the exterior and yourself, by this deep communication between the exterior and the interior because the energy is flowing everywhere !


Well, I will try in this website to explain how I understand and make it happen! Idea by idea and article by article…. However, you can already start looking for a practice of Taiqi/QiGong , see an acupuncturist, start dancing, or go for a massage/massage yourself because all these activities provide tools for “free-flowing”  your energy.

See you soon!

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