The Summer = The Heart = Fire element

Summer is YANG and corresponds to the fire element. You can see what  Huang DI says about it clicking in this link

This is the time of greatest warmth and light. When   we’ve got plenty of time and energy to do a massive amount of activity. 

Is the time of luxuriant growth for nature.

In human being, the fire element represents the ability to create relationships, show and feel love, be playfull, the fire emotion is JOY, entousiasm,passion, sexuality . Summer should be the time to see other people, have warmth and relaxation.

When the Fire Element is not in balance there is a lack of joy and warmth, difficulty in intimate relationships, depression, confusion and doubt, low energy, digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, cardiac disease and tinnitus.

When the Fire element is balanced :  Complexion will show a healthy, rosy hue, ability to establish relationships, love, sociable, enthusiasm,  and the personpassion, playfulness, joyfulness, peacefulness, warmth and relaxation, complexion; healthy, rosy •

Although the Fire element is related to the heart, it  is also related to the Small Intestine (That s why digestive problems can occur),  Pericardium and Triple Burner.

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