The Spring according to the 5 elements is represented by THE WOOD. Its colour is green,when after a long period of winter, the plants are florishing back.

Its two related organs are the Yin organ Liver and the Yang organ Gall Bladder. Indeed these organs are going to be the centre of the detox and cleansing focus for this period of time. When activities are increasing, the days become longer, the body needs a good detox after the winter accumulation. (the diet and some specific qi-gong/ taichi exercices can really help).

The movement of this element is the expensivness and the emotion related to this element are assertivness, anger, ability to plan, creativity. Indeed it is the perfect moment to start a new activity. It is also very important to express one’s anger in a healthy way instead of holding grudges and dammage our Liver creating “Liver-qi stagnation“. Indeed, this Traditionnal Chinese Medecine diagnosis is often due to, and more often in specific societies because of their “social codes/bounderies”, to the suppression of emotions which block the flow of Qi. This is particularly seen throughstiff shoulders and neck.

The people from Wood constitution tend to suffer from this. If you are a wood element, you’d rather, more than others, to focus on the well-being of your liver (diet) , and express yourself as much as you can. Artistic activities are wondeful for the Wood element people to avoid liver-related diseases.

There are some tips to know whether you are a wood element or not:

Physique: tall, slender, lithe, strong sinews, long face, high nose, wide forehead, high metabolism : seldom overweight, have a greenish complexion, small hands

Virtues: hard working, dynamic, reliable, structured, organised, like to plan, but get frustated easily if something goes wrong, they like movement, action, adventure. They are generally self-disciplined and prefer morning than evenings. Artists are often Wood Element.

Weaknesses: tendency to frustration or anger, can appear aggressive

Common pathologies : muscular tension, physical and emotional brittleness, insomnia, headaches, painful eyes, nervous disorder

Advices : Make creative/artistic activities (they have a lot of ideas and resent the growing, they benefit from yoga, mediation, taichi ( to cool down their frustration and anger)

There ‘sWood Type personnalities :

Be aware that most of us have a mixed-constitution ( earth-wood, fire-wood,etc… ).

Finally in this session, I will give to best tips for this punchy spring season, to enjoy fulfilly this growing, expensive green energy. To follow absolutely if your element is wood.

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