The Kidneys Detoxification juice

Because of OVERINDULGENCE or just because we want to give a BOOST to our body, let’s clear up this VERY PRECIOUS KIDNEYS. Indeed we must be greatful of thir powerful functions. Either in Western Medicine or Chinese Medicine, this organs is paramount to the state of our health.It clears the blood and is the basis of our energy and strengh respectiely. Therefore if you want to feel LUSH, and no more feel sluggish, take care of it with this KIDNEY FLUSH as a MORNING drink.


WHAT YOU NEED : 2 lemons, a juicer, half a pint of water, Cayenne tincture or Cayenne Powder, Mapple sirup to sweeten if desired

  • Put the whole lemons in a juicer (the skin contain many benefiial essentials oils + THE SKIN CONTERACT THE ACIDITY FELT BY THIS FRUIT)
  • Add the juice to at least half a pint ( cold or hot water)
  • Add 10 drops of tincture of cayenne powder if youneed to sweeten the drink, add organic maple sirup ( No sugar, no honey)


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