The Heart in Chinese Medicine

The Heart in Chinese is an extremely important organ and it is said to be the “Emperor”. “When the Emperor is well and in harmony with the Tao, its radiance shines throughout the whole realm” (Recipes for Self-Healing, Daverick Leggett,1999). It is also said to store the Spirit (the Shen). Indeed it is the place where one says “I AM”. It is said that the Spirit manifests into the eyes and the complexion of one’s face. In other words, the inside can be seen from the outside.

One of the main pathologies of Heart is “Heart Blood deficiency”. The Blood is created within a complex process which requires the functions of different organs, mainly the Digestive system. However Blood production last stage happens into the Heart and if the Blood is deficient, the Shen cannot be calm and rest peacefully. This can lead to agitation and sleeping disorders.

The Heart meridian opens into the tongue, therefore the quality and clarity of our speech are related to the Heart. This meridian is also paired with the small intestine meridian, therefore a well-nourished Heart is linked to the nourishment of a good diet, as well with, because of its really strong relationship with the Spirit, with one’s life experiences. When the Heart is harmonised the relationship with others is balanced. The communication with others is warm without being over excited.

The Heart is related to the Summer, therefore a specific intention on balancing the Heart during this season is paramount. We will see in the next article how to nourish the Heart.

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