Nourishing The Heart

Nourishing The Heart

Key word: Relationships A well nourished Heart is a heart which maintains openness with oneself and others as well as with life generally. To pray or to meditate can be one medium. Nevetheless only deep breathing while looking at a landscape is sufficient. Each one finds their own way, some people need rituals.

Because the heart channels open into the tongue, singing represents the joy, which is also the main emotion related to the heart in Chinese Medicine and is Heart healing. Improving our communication skills with other, keeping a balanced speech is heart nourishing.

With food, even more the Preparation of the food and who you eat with. The pleasure of food and sharing it with beloved are more important for nourishing the heart. Nevertheless the bitter food is the taste which is related to the heart. Indeed, “Just as in life, we need bitter experience in order to fully experience our joy”. However too much bitter is harmful. All is about balance.

Interestingly, “Westernly” speaking, bitter food is good for digestion and prevents/lowers cholestherol. In other words, both western and chinese medecine promotes the consumption of bitter tasting food and advocate its benefits for the heart.

For information, the main bitter food you can find in an “English” diet are: artichoke, cress, brocoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, asparagus, lettuce, rocket, dandelion.

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