Moving your body “The Liver controls the sinews”

Among the main actions of the Liver, this formers means the Liver controls the body’s soupleness and flexibility. That means exercice and streching are essential, especially if you are a Wood element type (see my article “THE SPRING Special awarness for the Wood constitution type” to know whether you are one of those or not), or if you tend to Qi stagnation pattern ( see the article FREE FLOW: Traditional Chinese Medecine as a base of Inspiration for a connected Lifestyle!  if you wanna read a little introduction about Qi stagnation).

Type of exercices adviced: coordinating movements, creative expression, walking, twisting movements, martial arts and obviously Tai QI/ QI-gong exercices.

I would like to emphazise particularly in this latter. Tai QI / QI gong have been studied to particularly be benificial in working on the flow and the meridians. They are also suitable for everyone. Indeed, exercicing is good but not for all of us! For instance if you tend to have a deficiency pattern, you should only do light exercices (No martial art or running). Whereas TaiQi and Qigong are set of movement drawn to work the Qi and increase it. Adviced all along life for everyone. Although those exercices are extremly precise and if you really want to get in tune with them you should go to a proper Tai QI/QIgong class with a trained teacher who could give you personalised advices. I also think it is nice to have a first introduction at home. I found some Youtube videos particularly nice, short and efficient, focused on exercices for Liver :

(Please find the kind of exercices/ teaching you prefer. We are all different, but I won’t say too much that having a real face to face/grou qi-gong-Tai chi teaching is much better.)

I find this master really good, explaining a QI-gong exercice which traces the Liver meridian. This short video is demonstrating Liver and Kidneys healing movements. He will start to speak and explain after a couple of minutes. I think he nails a very important point in the Liver exercices: put your mind on your Liver and if you feel a bit of stagnation at this point, keep your mind on it in a healing meditation and make this sound: “tttcccchhhhhhhhuuuuu……”, which will help the healing process (Indeed, each zang (yin organ/ element has a sound in Chinese Medicine Theory).

This 24 minutes video is very nice. Mostly because he explains the Liver functions very accurately and simply. Moreover his exercices are very powerful although I would really advice to do them longer. I particularly like his meditation moment with the mindfullness bit of each internal organ: incredibly healing!

Interestingly, his video is included in a 30 days Qi-Gong exercices with a different focus each day, which could be very nice for a full healing month in this Spring movement as well as focusing mainly on the Liver exercices.

Otherwise, for full-body Qi-gong exercices, I would really advise the video of this wonderful “mimi Kuo Deemer”. Just clik the below links and enjoy!

Although Mi Xiong ‘s video is very short I find that her explanation is pretty relevant to genuinely and deeply focused in our liver detoxification process:

Do Not Forget To Take Time to Relax ! Take Time To Simply BE and think about what you want…

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