Massaging the fascia and your meridians

TREAT YOURSELF WITH MASSAGE: massaging the fascia and your meridians

Hi everyone!

This article is made to convince you to enjoy a massage from time to time – as often as you can! Yes! Do not be uptight, open yourself to your own body 🙂 That should be one of the first things we learn.

Well, I’m going to start writing on one of the many links we can imagine between Western Medecine and the any other medicine, called “alternatives” (No Comment!). In fact, it is fascinating to consider that all forms of medecine are exactly the same, reading body but just understanding it differently. So, one of the links is the following: The Western’s fascia may be the Chineses’s meridians!

“WOOOWWW AMAAAAAAZIIIING” you obviously must be saying. Ironically…and wandering….

What’s the Fascia? Firstly, I’d like to reassure you by saying that I didn’t make this amazing link up. It was actually one of my very knowledgeable acupuncturist teachers (working with the NHS and treating people suffering from cancer) who taught me this. He was quoting another very knowledgeable acupuncturist, Daniel Keon, a registrered Doctor and Acupuncturist, from his book “The Spark of the Machine”. He explains :“The classic description of the division of labour of the body within both Chinese and Western medicine is into organs. One defining aspect of an organ is that it is surrounded by its own fascia. […] all contain a common shared purpose which unites them – the functions of the organ […] their unity of purpose creates a common energy” p.35.

The Fascia is all over the body but is not a tissu used for treating diseases by Western medecine. Indeed, according to D.Keon, the meridians is the passages of the fascia, where lies the human electric conduit. This energy, the flowing Qi on the meridians and acupucture points means that you can treat emotional problems or even a digetive issues merely by touching/massaging/needling the feet! Weirdo???? NOOOOOO!!!

In contrast, if you take a definition from a Western website the fascia is a vague “sheet or band of fibrous tissue such as lies deep to the skin or invests muscles and various body organs”* . Indeed, lets highlight “DEEP TISSUE”. It’s a gift that our body provide us here: a way to treat our deep aspect from the surface of the body!

Isn’t it?

Futhermore, just massaging it you can release stagnation, pain, pathogenes, cure and more importantly, prevent hundred of diseases, as well as emotional and physical problems.

The Fascia (white bit)   The Meridians:

Therefore take time, before sleeping or in the morning (or anytime) to massage yourself where the fascia is condensed, or where the meridians lie. It is an excellent way to treat oneself, prevent against diseases and feel relaxed! Massaging with ones partner is a perfect and pleasent way to share intimacy and the whole body (thus the mind) of your partner will feel great!

And YOU DO NOT NEED KNOWLEDGE. The meridians of fascia lies basically between the muscles, which you can feel the borders of easily, all over the body (ohlala!).


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