Covid-19 measures and why Acupuncture can help you during these difficult and challenging times

How acupuncture can help you prevent the infection of Covid-19 ?

As an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy have made vital contributions in the history of anti-epidemic action in China. Modern clinical and experimental studies have shown that acupuncture and moxibustion therapy can regulate the human immune function, preventing inflammation and infection. In the current epidemic of COVID-19, a cupuncture and moxibustion therapy were actively used for both prevention and treatment.

❖ Boosting your immune system
❖ Enhancing your overall body energy
❖ Dispeling infections from your body
❖ Circulating the Qi and Blood in your body so Organs are fully functioning ❖ Reducing inflammation
❖ Improving your mood

How acupuncture can help you during this difficult time?

Acupuncture also is a great therapy for emotional and psychological stresses which we all are susceptible during the covid-19 pandemia

Covid-19 measures

Following the Government announcement on 6th of January 2021 and professional associations announcement, medical and health services and appointments may still operate and be attended. Eva Acupuncture clinic remains open.

I have now all the required Covid 19 risk assessments, safety precautions, infection prevention and control measures, policies and procedures in place to remain open safely. I understand that some people will have concerns and we respect anyone’s decision if they wish to delay or postpone their treatment.

Before the treatment

To access the clinic, patients must answer the questions on my Covid 19 Screening form which I will send by text or email and review. If it is safe and appropriate for you to attend a face to face clinic appointment, no further action is required. However if I need further information I will call you to discuss this.

Getting in the Clinic

★ Scan the Eva Acupuncture Bristol Track and Trace QR Code on the door,

Staying Safe during at the clinic, the changes to comply to new regulations

★ Full COVID policy and risk assessment to ensure the clinic is COVID secure and meets all regulations

★Half an hour will be left in between treatments, where I will

Each patient

Change all bed sheets, blankets, which will be washed after.

Disinfect all surfaces wipes.

Disinfect all surfacesanti-bacterial and anti-virus light.

The UVC 253.4nm light source wavelength for efficient sterilization. The pure physical disinfection method is healthy with no secondary pollution.

The light adopts cold cathode ultraviolet lamp and three core materials: tungsten filament, filament link post and electronic powder. The light quality is assured, which is durable and disinfection effect up to 99.9%!

★ I will wear PPE needed to comply Professional regulations

★ Additional hand sanitiser