Acupuncture Charity - Traditional healthcare India

Our Experience

In January 2020, Simon WIlliamson (a friend acupuncturist with whom I have studied in Bristol CHinese Medicine) and Myself went to visit and volunteer in this wonderful Acupuncture Charity in the village of Datum, West Bengal, India.

Traditional healthcare India

For 3 weeks, we have treated 20-30 people everyday along with Dada the local acupuncturist who put up this charity with an Australian acupuncturist Thomas Connor. In West Bengal India, people rush to this place because is:

  • Very effective
  • Affordable
  • Indian government don’t provide healthcare to citizens people if stroke, an accident, or any ailment.

For 3 weeks, Dada and his wife and son Indu and Dave ( picture on motorcycle) hosted us in their home. We felt part of their family.

 Traditional Healthcare India (were we went) were truly genuine on helping people and sharing acupuncture with a lot of different acupuncturist. Even if the charity was is in need, they didn’t ask us at all any money.

Even more, Dada, one of the men who setup the charity, travelled 1 night to picked us up from Kalkotta and travelled back one night with us, hosted us in his small home with his family, his wife woke up very early and  cooked for us every day, we spent hours playing with his child, Dada shared all his acupuncture knowledge with us without restriction, where listening to all our needs, shared with us his spiritual path, gave us spiritual books, he just tried to help us on anything he could help.

History and modern reality often  show us how human people can be awful, selfish but people like Dada show us how human being can be beautiful, genuinely good.

The Charity

We has been interviewed in the local news online journal!


Very sadly, Dada died one day after we left. Now, Dada’s family and his charity are in great need. Therefore, a Fundraising has been created to help this wonderful project live and to help his wife and son. See link below if you would like to help them.

Now I am back to the UK, but I will go back there as soon as possible to keep the charity and Dada’s ambition alive.

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